This is the real life story of Mr. Vinod, a real estate businessman, who made 300% returns in just 7 weeks solely through forex trading! One of our students has once again proved that achieving returns of this scale is actually possible!

What is the secret behind this success?

Was it sheer luck? No way! If you look closely at his journey, you will find that he took right decisions whenever he came at crossroads and was in no hurry to make quick profits. This is a classic example of how slow and subtle steps can yield consistent gains. Let us go through his story.

A New Beginning – Looking For Alternatives

Mr. Vinod was contemplating about doing some other business that would not consume too much of his time but would reward him well financially. And he wanted to focus on an industry which is not very volatile and where he can work independently solely relying on his own skills and knowledge. Thus he chose share/forex trading as it satisfied all the above conditions. Moreover, he was very confident in his ability to learn and work hard. However, his initial days were not very good. He says,

After failed attempt in trading through technical analysis, I was desperately looking for a more reliable method of trading. And then I heard about Mr. Mithun of Mithun’s Money Market and his strong price action strategies.”

And so began the amazing story of this trader who went on to make consistent profits in the first quarter of his post-training trading itself!

The Turning Point – Mithun’s Master Mentoring Program

Vinod is a man who doesn’t believe in short cuts. He believes hard work and systematic preparation can help him achieve all his goals. He wanted to build a strong knowledge foundation before he starts trading because he believes that learning is the beginning of wealth creation. So he decided to enroll for Mithun’s Master Mentoring Program after the basic forex training and sharpened his skills at forex trading. Here is what he says about his mentorship experience:

“He doesn’t hold back any strategy and technique which has made him a highly successful proprietary trader. I really admire Mr. Mithun’s commitment.”

So how did he use his training and mentorship in his favor?

Vinod’s Trading System Revealed

Vinod went through a few weeks of demo trading to reinforce the skills he learnt and to gain confidence. Then he went on to open his live account with an initial capital of just $1000.

We asked him what was going through his mind when he started trading on his own. Here is what he answered:

“My plan was to keep fixed risk amount of 50$ every trade with a 1:2 & 1:3 risk reward ratio and enter what I identify as high probability trades with a potential of minimum 1:2 reward.”

He managed to achieve 100% capital growth in less than 2 weeks, which went on to a stupendous 400% by the end of 6th week!! He attributes this to the important lessons that he learnt during his training, mentorship, and demo trading time period. Here are 6 golden rules that Vinod followed:

  • Risk only 50$ per trade on 1000$ account
  • Use daily chart for analysis and refer weekly chart for long term perspective
  • Enter on trade signals only along the direction of trend or at key levels if its range bound
  • Do not tamper with the trades or move SL level once it is set till it hits SL or you achieve minimum reward
  • Don’t enter into same pair where you just hit the SL
  • Don’t trade if you are in a bad mood

Winning Is About Habit Forming

Winners win because they cultivate habits that losers don’t. Vinod is also no exception to this rule.

“As I started live trades, I realized that only thing in my control is money management which will enable me to make profit even if I lose 60% trades. So I decided to make most of this aspect and made it a habit.”

A Quick Recap

As you can see, Vinod used a no-nonsense approach to currency trading to make quick and consistent gains. Did he go for a huge investment in terms of capital? No! His investment was hard work and practice. If you follow the same approach, you can also become successful at forex trading.

There are multiple ways to trade in the forex market. These methods can be learnt and mastered through systematic practice. Mithun shares several such strategies – both simple and advanced strategies – in his forex trading training course and personalized mentoring program. If you are interested in trading in the currency market using such authentic and proven strategies and draw decent and consistent profits, or if you are desirous of interacting with our successful traders, then call us now or drop us a line and we will get back to you with necessary help.