Here, you will learn the following;

  • How the stocks and commodities markets move
  • The factors influencing the forex and commodities markets and you can make money out of your trading in these markets
  • How to use candlesticks in predicting the future movements of prices in the stocks and commodities markets

Technical Analysis on Stocks and commodities trading

ChaptersTopics covered
Chapter 1
  • How does the Stock market work?
  • Market segments: primary & secondary markets?
  • NSE, BSE exchanges and SEBI
  • How to pick best stocks for trading & investing?
  • Understanding Stock market jargon
  • Day trade and Value Investing?
  • Margin required for trading.
  • Trading Psychology
Chapter 2
  • Trend Analysis, Counter trend trading
  • How to draw Support and Resistance professionally.
  • Candle Sticks trading
Chapter 3
  • Price Action Strategies
  • Event areas and trading with confluence
  • Blind entry strategies.
  • How to do intraday trading on 1 hour and 4 hours
  • How to trade for long term
Chapter 4
  • Money Management
  • Pyramiding techniques.
Chapter 5