This very important and benefits a lot those exporting or importing goods and services. That is for the reason that they are the most exposed to exchange rate fluctuations that impact on their businesses in one way or the other.

For instance, suppose an importer is importing stocks worth 100,000 USD in the month of March when the INR value is 67 INR for a single USD he might be paying or making payments in installments, for example, an initial investment of 10,000 USD in March and remaining amount on May. In case the forex price against INR appreciates in May and goes up to 71 INR for one USD, this importer will need to pay 4 rs extra for a single dollar. That is instead of 67 lakhs (67 * 100,000), he will end up paying out 71 lakhs (71 * 100,000). So, he will be losing 4 lakhs (4 * 100,000) from his profit thanks to the forex fluctuations.

Basically, this is why this course is very essential.

This course also covers foreign tourists and those students studying abroad.

Apart from reaping the above-given benefits by enrolling for my courses, I also guarantee you that you, as a student, can always come back for more coaching and I’ll be ready and more than willing to training you again. My coaching will help you become independent such that you will in a position to do things on your own and be able to make a decision from an informed point of view because you will have known how the markets move.

On the other hand, apart from coaching you, I’ll also help you in any paperwork that might need my assistance such as opening DMat account. In addition, once you’re done with your training and want to try or get your hands into the foreign markets, I can help you open accounts with sincere and most trusted brokers in India such as Zerodha, Geojit, and Sharekhan. That is if you want to trade in stocks, commodities and currency.

I also offer forex trading and account management services for NRI clients work are working or staying abroad.

It is important to take note that the prices for most of the local commodities like GOLD, Silver, and Crude oil directly depend on the fluctuations in the International markets and understanding this will, beyond any reasonable doubt, give an edge to investors and traders.

Lastly, don’t forget that all the Candlesticks and technical analysis programs that I teach are applicable not only in India but also in International markets.

And, that is why I say that you “Know Globally, trade locally”.