Join my two-day workshop that I offer as part of my stock trading course to learn the lesser known secrets of stock trading.

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In this two-day stock trading workshop, you will learn:

  • Investing and trading strategies
  • Secrets of success in stock trading
  • Psychology of traders
  • Disciplined investment/trading

Take a look at what is in store for you:

 Forenoon session Afternoon session
Day 1
  1. Basic introduction
  2. Terminology
  3. Meta Trader4 installation
  4. Hands on experience
  5. Trading dynamics secrets
  1. Intraday, swing and position trading
  2. Support and resistance
  3. Identify trends – Range and Trending markets
  4. False-break strategy
Day 2
  1. Price action trading
  2. Strategies
  3. Hands on experience
  4. Examples of portfolio building
  1. Entry and exit strategies
  2. Risk reward
  3. Money management
  4. Hands on experience
  5. Real case studies

The workshop would be;

  • Interactive
  • Innovative
  • Experiential

And that’s not all!

I will add you to trader’s WhatsApp group for mentorship and weekly updates.

Got questions? Help is right here!

Invest a few hours in this insanely practical stock trading course and secure your financial future!


Investments and trades in financial markets, especially in leveraged products, expose you to high risks due to the volatility of the products and the inherent nature of markets. Mithunsmoneymarket only assists people in analysing the markets better. We do not guarantee that this training program alone will make you a successful trader.  Becoming a successful trader depends on a lot of factors like consistency, analytical skills, patience, experience and so on. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to invest sufficient time on training using demo programs or similar platforms before entering live trading. People undertaking trades and investments in financial markets do so at their own risk. Mithunsmoneymarket shall in no way be responsible for losses incurred by people who undertake investments and trades in financial markets.

Mithunsmoneymarket reserves the right to cancel the training classes on short notice due to unforeseen events. In case of cancellation of the courses by Mithunsmoneymarket, an alternate date(s) may be provided or the fee(s) might be refunded. A fee refund for online training programs is possible only within the first two hours of start of the sessions or a week, whichever is earliest. The refund in such a scenario is limited to a maximum of 80 % of the total course fee. Mithunsmoneymarket reserves all the rights to determine the refund(s) and / or alternate date(s), on a case to case basis. Disputes, if any, shall be settled in a court of law that is selected by Mithunsmoneymarket. 

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