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Welcome to the exciting world of stock trading!

Forex and Stock trading mentorship program
Forex and Stock trading mentorship program

I, Mithun Girishan, invite you to discover the secrets of stock market trading.

In my Forex and Stock trading mentorship program, I teach you everything that I have learned over these years. The course is a collection of proven techniques of trading coupled with unique strategies that I have developed over these years.

You don’t need to be highly intellectual or someone with previous experience in stock trading to enroll for my mentoring program. Even if you are a complete beginner, you can benefit a lot from this program.

I’ll take you through the best ways to go about your trade, the highly effective strategies and methodologies that bring profits. Learning how to trade in the stock market is easier than you think!

I understand many of you out there won’t be familiar with the technical part involved in stock trading. So, I have simplified them and made it easy for anyone to understand. Throughout the course, I have taken special care to explain everything in a lucid language which even a schoolboy can understand.

Furthermore, I believe in incremental learning, learning one thing at a time. Hence, the lessons are arranged in a systematic step-by-step manner which will ensure that you get most out of the class. The class will be highly interactive, and you will get enough time to clear all your doubts.


Look at what my students speak about their experience:

Testimonials - Govinda Reddy

Testimonials - Joshy

Testimonials - Maddy

Testimonials - Ravi Chandran


I offer training programs in:

  • Money markets/Forex trading technical analysis (both intraday and swing)
  • Stocks trading technical analysis (both intraday and swing)
  • Gold, crude, and soft commodities technical analysis (both intraday and swing)
  • Hedging techniques for exporters and importers

My Forex and Stock trading mentorship program cover areas like:

  • How to identify the best assets to trade?
  • How to psychologically approach the levels of trading, strategies by hedge funds, institutions?
  • Candle sticks training and strategies
  • How to identify confluence levels?
  • International price action Signals
  • Profitable strategies having a winning rate of 85%
  • Set & Forget method for working professionals
  • Risk management
  • Money management
  • Pyramiding strategy

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  • Learning and reference materials
  • Three follow-ups mentoring in execution-based terminal and support

If you are passionate about stock trading and if you have basic computer skills, then this master mentoring program is for you!

Come, join me, and make stock trading a joyful experience!

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