I understand that you’re looking out for a course or training program that is tailored-made to help you move to the next level in what you are doing. That is why I’m here to you in.

In all of my courses, which are indicated below, I center my focus on not only individual traders but other investors who are looking for more useful information to hone their skills in the area of trade. I’ll take you through some of the best and right way to go about your trade, the right and effective strategies and methodologies to employ. I understand that some traders and investors are struggling to pick the strategy to use and when they finally choose one, it might end up not giving them the profits they anticipate.

My training program will certainly save you countless hours and propel you to the right direction.
My courses are designed keeping in mind that different people have different needs and goals in their trading. My courses are centered on technical analysis to help not only traders based in India but even those from abroad. It is also essential to point out you can undertake these programs irrespective of whether or not you want to study online or offline. In other words, I offer both online and offline training, depending on what is convenient for you.

I offer training in the following areas:

1. Technical Analysis on Money markets/Forex trading (Intraday & Swing)
2. Technical Analysis on Stocks trading (Intraday & Swing)
3. Technical Analysis on GOLD, Crude and Soft commodities (Intraday & Swing)
4. Hedging techniques for Exporters & Importers

These courses cover the following areas:

1. Identify the best assets to trade.
2. How to psychologically approach the levels of trading, strategies by hedge funds, institutions.
3. Candle Sticks training& strategies.
4. Identify confluence levels
5. International Price Action signals
6. Profitable Strategies having win rate of 85 %
7. Set & Forget method for working professionals.
8. Risk Management
9. Money Management
10. Pyramiding strategy

One of the best things or rather a reason as to why you should take up any of my courses is the fact that I’ll offer you learning or reference materials regardless of whether you want to learn online or offline. Both the online and offline training takes a maximum of one- two days only. However, I’ll do 3 follow-up in the execution based terminal  and give support for the same period just to ensure that all is going on well.

I know you must be wondering whether you will need any qualification in order to be allowed to enroll for the training. The only qualifications that you will need are basic computer skills and the passion for learning how to trade, only that.